The cheap imitations don’t work!

So many people come to us here at Snorex after they have tried the cheap imitations that can be found on the internet. These Snoring Mouthguards such as Rip Snore and Snore Mender are trying to cash in on a medical solution, by producing cheap imitations.

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” definitely holds true.

Compare the difference:

No recommendation Recommeded by doctors & ENT
One size fits all Custom made to fit each individual
Loose fitting Custom snug fit
Loose fit causes rubbing & ulceration Custom fit prevents rubbing & ulceration
Looses shape Material quality retains shape
Short life Expect 5 years +
You do molding using boiling water Experienced technicians do the work
Can’t use with missing teeth No problem with some missing teeth
No regulation distance for lower jaw movement Lower jaw movement calculated by custom bite registration
May cause jaw pain No pain
Lower jaw cannot be adjusted Experienced technicians do adjustment for you
No personal contact Helpful & friendly staff
No sterilizing options offered Offer of solution & containers for cleaning & sterilizing
May have brackets & screws that can dislodge Single unit with not brackets or screws
May cause gagging Experienced technicians will modify to prevent gagging
No Dentist involvment Dentist involved to provide assessment of treatment
No shop front Clinic in Brisbane
Outside of Australia Australian owned & manufactured in Brisbane Qld
 No after sales service Experienced staff to assist with after sales service