Custom-Made for Comfort: Get Your Sleep Apnoea Device Today, from Snorex in Brisbane, Australia!

Too often, people suffering from sleep apnoea are forced into a no-win situation when it comes to addressing their sleeping disorder. On one hand, they can try to ignore the condition and keep sleeping in the same way they always have. This course of action is problematic for a number of reasons, not least of which the fact that sleep apnoea—if left untreated—can have serious health consequences later on down the road. Add the fact that most patients diagnosed with sleep apnoea tend to get poor, restless sleep anyway, and it’s clear that ignoring a condition like this is not much of an option at all.

On the other hand, sleep apnoea patients can look into a number of mouth guards, masks and other devices designed to help open the pharyngeal airway, facilitate consistent breathing, eliminate snoring and provide for better, healthier sleep. The only problem is, some of these sleep apnoea devices in QLD or throughout Australia are just uncomfortable, using metal brackets, screws, hoses and other auxiliary components to manipulate the position of the jaw and throat. In other words, these treatment methods address the core sleep apnoea problem, but impair the patient’s quality of sleep in another way.

Introducing the Sleep Apnoea Device from Snorex Australia

Luckily, there is a better sleep apnoea device in Australia, one that doesn’t utilise screws or brackets, and one that will assist in clearing up your snoring and sleep apnoea without requiring you to sacrifice your comfort. The product in question, the Snorexguard, is a plastic mouth guard or splint that manipulates the position of your jaw, your tongue and your soft palette to reduce snoring and to help with the symptoms of sleep apnoea.

Each Snoreguard sleep apnoea device is custom-made for comfort right in our Brisbane office, where we take impressions of your teeth, gums and general mouth/jaw shape to create a mouthpiece designed specifically for you. We have experienced technicians on hand to take these impressions and to make sure we get a mouthpiece that perfectly matches the contour and nuance of your jaw. The ultimate result is something that, we think, is the most comfortable sleep apnoea device available in Australia.

Get Fitted for Your Sleep Apnoea Device in Brisbane

Are you interested in trying out the Snoreguard sleep apnoea device from Queensland-based Snorex? If so, contact us today, at 07 3392 1642. We will schedule an appointment at our Brisbane office, where we will take your impressions and have you fitted for a sleep apnoea device.

After that, there will be just one additional appointment, where our technicians will make sure that your custom-made Snoreguard fits comfortably and correctly. So long as the fit is right, you will be allowed to take your sleep apnoea device home and start using it immediately.

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