When We Breathe Normally

Air passes through our nose and past the flexible structures at the back of our throat, including the tongue, soft palate and uvula. During waking hours, our muscles hold our airway open. When we fall asleep, these muscles relax and muscle tone decreases, but usually our airway remains open. Snoring occurs when the airway is obstructed, and affects approximately 35% of the adult population.

When A Snorer Sleeps

The tongue falls back into the airway obstructing the airway. When this happens, it is your body’s natural reflex to try and maintain air volume in order to supply oxygen to your brain. Air velocity increases in that constricted space, which causes the soft tissue and walls of your throat to vibrate. These vibrations cause the sound we are all too familiar with, known as snoring.

Generally, the narrower you airway becomes, the greater the vibration, and the louder the snoring.

Most of us snore occasionally, but if snoring occurs frequently, it can affect the amount of sleep you get, and more importantly, the quality of your sleep – and that of your sleeping partner.

Conditions That Increase The Likelihood of Snoring

Excess Body Weight

Fatty tissue and poor muscle tone can cause bulky throat tissue, increasing the chance of snoring.

Sleep Position

Sleeping on your back helps push the bottom jaw backwards, encouraging the tongue to move into the airway.

Personal Characteristics

Large tonsils, a long soft palate, an enlarged uvula, oversized tongue, and excess fat deposits and other physical attributes contribute to our airway narrowing and causing us to snore. Your gender can play a part, with men typically having a narrower airway than women.

Nasal and Sinus Problems

Inhalation becomes more difficult with blocked airways or a stuffy nose, creating a vacuum in the throat, which can result in snoring.

Alcohol and Sedatives

Drinking alcohol and taking certain medications can cause your muscles, including your tongue, to relax excessively, and block the airway.


Your throat muscles narrow and muscle tone in your throat decreases when you age, inhibiting normal air flow and increasing the probability of snoring.

Snoring + Sleep Apnoea Solution

The Snorex MAS looks similar to a mouthguard. However, this high performance device features design elements that keep the bottom jaw slightly forward of its normal position, to keep the tongue away from the back of the throat, where it can obstruct the airway while you sleep.

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The Snorex Difference

What sets our anti-snoring solution apart is that it is moulded from your unique dental print, and is fitted and fabricated in our own dental lab by specialists to ensure it stays in place throughout the night, and provides maximum comfort and effectiveness.

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