Why Choose Snorex?

With more than 25 years’ experience, our suite of Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) offer an extremely effective way to stop snoring and sleep apnoea.

  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Helped thousands of sufferers
  • Custom designed and fitted uniquely for your mouth
  • Wake up feeling full of energy and vitality
  • Reduces severe risk to your health that snoring can create

How It Works

The SnoreXguard fits in the mouth as simply as a mouthguard, keeping the bottom jaw slightly forward of its normal position, to keep the tongue away from the back of the throat, where it can obstruct the airway while you sleep. This means a restful, snore-free sleep, where your mind and body can unwind, replenish and rebuild.

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The SnoreXguard Difference

Our customised anti-snoring solution is moulded from your unique dental print and is fitted and fabricated in our own dental laboratory by specialists, to ensure it stays in place throughout the night and provides maximum comfort and effectiveness.

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We Stand Behind Our Sleep Solution

We’ve been changing people’s lives for more than twenty years with the SnoreXguard, helping thousands of people achieve a quiet and restful night’s sleep. Our very high success rate is the reason our satisfied clients, doctors, dentists, and sleep clinics, are happy to recommend us.

We are so confident that the SnoreXguard will stop your snoring, we offer a conditional money back guarantee. For more information, and terms and conditions, click the money back guarantee icon, or call our clinic.

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    How did you hear about Snorex?

    Over ten years ago I was diagnosed with "severe" sleep apnoea and a major snoring problem. I was one of those people who were unable to use the CPAP technique, so I turned to Snorex as a solution. WOW how fortunate was I. I have found the Snorex solution to not only help significantly with resolving my sleep apnoea issue, but really reduce my snoring as well. Oh and my wife thinks it is bliss, thanks to Snorex.

    Vince, Carindale

    I picked up my Snorex last Monday and a week on I am bouncing out of bed about an hour and a half earlier than I normally wake. I also go all day without flagging, after one week! Thank you so much, I am amazed at the difference. Also, it is really comfortable to sleep with, I haven't had any problem adapting to it at all. It has made a massive change for me, thanks again.

    Ann, Tarragindi

    Last night - I slept!!! WOW!! My wife said this morning that she didn't hear me snore once! How about that? I'm hoping for lots more nights like this - thanks for your help.

    Alan, Tamborine Mountain

    Thank you!! What more can I say? My life has been changed, by your Snorex guard, in so many ways. As you know, I had been using my CPAP machine for over 7 years and even though it did the job, it was not the most comfortable thing to use. Now, after using the Snorex guard for a number of months, we have both noticed a difference in our quality of sleep. It is far more comfortable to wear and my wife is definitely a lot happier. I will definitely recommend the Snorex to everyone I know, as it works. I can confidently tell them that it stops snoring an has helped my sleep apnoea. Well done!!

    James, Kallangur

    I had serious snoring & sleep apnoea issues. I attended the Snorex clinic at Woolloongabba & the people at Snorex were very friendly & obliging, which made me feel comfortable. With my new Snorex guard I had a sleep study & the results showed nil snoring, nil apnoea consenquently my breathing & oxygen levels stayed perfect. I am very delighted with the Snorex & would recommend that people who have been advised to use a CPAP machine to really consider the Snorex Snoreguard.

    Helen, Gold Coast

    My husband snores, no surprise there, as many men and women snore. However, my husband appreciated that excessive snoring was not good for his health or for my sleep/rest and he took action. He told me he had read a small ad in the Courier Mail, placed by your company, and decided to check it out. I can testify that it works, and works well for me, especially. Its so simple and the price is quite reasonable, such that you wonder if it will deliver results, but it does. Great work Snorex!

    Ellen, The Gap

    This is just a little note to let you know how pleased I am with the Snorex you made for me while on holiday in Brisbane. Both my wife, Leonie and myself are delighted with the result. I DON'T SNORE and I BREATH CONSTANTLY ALL NIGHT. My sleep apnoea has gone, thankyou. I could not be without it. Just quietly we are back sleeping together in the same bed. I do feel so much better about life, now that I sleep probably. Thank you, Thank you.

    Barry, Porirua

    I have used the Snorex device for a number of years and have found it to be completely effective in stopping my snoring. Over the years, I tried many other products, but none worked like my Snorex device does. I have recommended it to a number of others, all of whom have also found it to be very effective. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with a snoring problem.

    Lynette, Bribie Island

    I am a heavy snorer and suffer from sleep apnoea. That is until I discovered Snorex! Now, no snoring, no apnoea, just great sleep. My health has improved and so has my wife's! Thank you Snorex for twenty years of silent nights

    Trevor, Eatons Hill