SomnoDent – Fusion Flex


Similar to Classic Flex – added adjustment jaw (up to 50% further than the Classic Flex and Feather).

Custom device requires an INVITE CODE on Checkout.
To get your code – Book a Visit or Order a Home Kit online.

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All Snorex oral devices require a custom denture impression – available through our clinics or via our Home Impression Kit.

SomnoDent – Fusion Flex

Almost identical to the Classic Flex, with the added advantage of easily adjusting your jaw position up to 50% further than the Classic Flex and Feather, to accommodate any possible deterioration in your medical condition, especially OSA.

  • Two separate pieces, making it ideal for those who regularly sleep with their mouth wide open.
  • Low profile, connecting primarily with teeth, and a small section along the top gumline where the adjusting mechanism sits.
  • Easily adjustable jaw position.
  • Made with a unique soft inner liner polymer bonded to an exterior hard, acrylic material, that maintains retention and offers premium patient comfort.

Additional information

Soft Thermoformed Polymer (EVA)



Average Useful Life

5 to 7 years

Manufacturer's Warranty

3 years – covering manufacturer’s faults