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The Snorex QLD Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard: Available in Brisbane, Australia

Chronic snoring can do more than annoy spouses or other family members. Indeed, snoring impairs sleep quality, leaves behind a scratchy or sore feeling in the throat, leads to increased tiredness (and reduced productivity) during the day and causes morning headaches. Chronic snoring can even lead to other more serious sleep disorders. Bottom line, snoring is not just a quirk or something to be dealt with or tolerated. Rather, snoring is a serious condition that demands treatment.

At Snorex QLD, we have devoted the past 20 years to developing an effective and patient-friendly way of treating snoring, sleep apnea and other connected conditions and issues. The fruit of all those years of hard work and focus is the Snorex Mandibular Advancement Splint, a specialised and custom-made anti-snoring mouth guard in QLD, Australia including Brisbane.

What the Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard Does (and What it Means for You!)

When patients contact Snorex QLD to speak about our anti-snoring mouth guard in Brisbane, they often have a long list of questions. These frequently asked questions include:

• How will I be fitted for by Snorex Mandibular Advancement Splint? • How does the anti-snoring mouthguard work? • Will I be able to sleep better through the night? • Will my partner notice an immediate change in my snoring?

In essence, these patients are seeking an improvement in quality of life—either for themselves or for a spouse or other sleep partner—but want to make sure that the anti-snoring mouth guard from Snorex QLD is a safe and effective solution to their problems.

The answers we give to the above questions usually help to alleviate any reservations our prospective customers may have, and to get them excited about trying out our product.

First of all, it’s important to note that our Snorex anti-snoring mouth guard in Australia is not a one-size-fits-all product that can simply be purchased in stores. On the contrary, the Snorex Mandibular Advancement Splint is an advanced mouthpiece that fits over your teeth in the way an orthodontic retainer might. As a result, Snorex mouth guards need to be fitted and sized to the individual mouth of the patient. This stage of the process is performed only by skilled technicians, and takes place in-house at our office near Brisbane.

Once a patient’s custom anti-snoring mouth guard has been designed in Brisbane, snoring and sleep apnea treatments can begin. The design of the Snorex Mandibular Advancement Splint works to simultaneously clear the pharyngeal airway, hold the soft palate in place and keeps the lower jaw and tongue forward. The result is a clearer path for air and a reduction of vibrations—two factors which together help to reduce or eliminate altogether the sounds and symptoms of snoring. What our patients notice is a near instantaneous improvement in their quality of sleep. Their spouses, meanwhile, report a drastic reduction in snoring.

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