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There are a number of health risks associated with snoring and, it can be very annoying for a family, spouse, or bed partner. The anti-snoring mouthpiece in Brisbane that can help you breathe more easily and regularly is the Snorex Guard. Snorex QLD is a Brisbane company that has been operating for 20 years now providing its customers with definite alternative to the CPAP machine. With the anti-snoring mouthpiece, you get a device custom made just for you and one that has been proven to work.

Common Health Risks Associated With Snoring

The health risks tied to snoring are many. They include feeling tired and listless. Snoring is caused by the collapse or obstruction of a person’s airway while they sleep. When a person breathes with the airway obstructed, the result is loud snoring. People that snore usually do not go into a deep sleep and, if they do, they do not stay in that state for long. The result is that they are tired all of the time. Some will even go as far as to suffer from chronic fatigue, feeling lethargic and run down all of the time. They may need to take short naps during the day and may often become dangerously tired while driving.

Another common problem for those who snore a lot during sleep is dry mouth. Snorers often sleep with their mouths open and the result is a lack of moisture in the mouth. This can lead to other problems with the throat. Snoring problems often lead to a chronic sore throat, one that is scratchy almost all of the time. Snoring is also related to health problems like hypertension, morning headaches, and heart problems.

How The Snorex Snoring Mouthpiece In QLD Can Help

The Snorex Guard is a mandibular advancement splint that fits into the mouth and is designed to move a person’s lower jaw forward. This moving of the jaw forward holds the tongue away from the back wall of the throat and supports the soft palate. The result is the opening of the phanangyl airway, which allows the person wearing the device to breathe more freely and regularly.

Since the wearer of the snoring mouthpiece in Brisbane can breathe more constantly, he or she will sleep much better. If they have a bed companion, that person will sleep better also. No longer will sleep be interrupted by shallow breathing or pauses in breathing. A deep sleep can be reached and those wearing the Snorex Guard will awake feeling much more refreshed. The morning headaches will disappear and the risks of hypertension, heart problems, and chronic fatigue will be lessened.

The Snorex Guard is custom made for you by a staff of highly trained technicians. There are no metal brackets or screws. The device is very easy to use and is priced affordably. The company is so confident in the performance of its device that it backs it with a 100% money back guarantee. Unlike the CPAP machine, there are no awkward masks or hoses to deal with. For more information about the best snoring mouthpiece in Australia, visit the Snorex website,

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